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  1. Bond elastic cast on thread

    Bond elastic cast on thread


    Use this replacement thread when your original thread runs out.

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  2. You get both booklets Cover of Volume 1 & 2 Bond Stitch Encyclopedia

    Bond Stitch Encyclopedia Volumes 1 & 2 for Sweater Machines


    Learn: Many types of Cables Many types of Lace Entrelacs Fair Isle Intarsia Short-Row Shaping Weaving Blocking Many types of Ribbing and how to use "Bulky Yarns" with Keyplate 4 & Icelandic type yarns. Some of the techniques are taught by Rosemary Worth (301 Hint & Tips) ; Cheryl Brunette ; Cindy Polfer; and Rosa Postance. Bond says: Much of the material is explained in a new way that hopefully, makes it very easy to understand and use. The goal of this book is to expand your repertoire of knitting techniques thus encouraging the development of creative and proficient knitters. It is my personal belief that knitting is no longer a utilitarian pastime. The craft of knitting should be undertaken for the love of creating beautiful and exciting new things. Just as artists use a paintbrush, your Incredible Sweater Machine/or Elite can be the tool you need to tap into your own creative abilities. I hope the more advanced techniques covered in this book will be a jumping off place for you. Master the techniques and let your imagination soar! - Martha Leopardo The techniques will be different from those featured in the Instruction Book that came with your machine but will use those techniques as a base. It is important you understand those basic techniques before attempting to do the stitches contained in this book. We will try to be as comprehensive as possible in a section, but because there will always be new discoveries on how to do a particular stitch, there will be periodic additions to the basic sections. There may also be some repetition because all authors describe the techniques differently. We thought the repetition would be helpful. -Editor CLICK the Learn More link to see the Table of Contents Learn More
  3. Winder



    Winder Learn More
  4. Techniques in Machine Knitting Kathleen Kinder

    Techniques in Machine Knitting Kathleen Kinder


    This is a hard cover, in almost mint condition book, except for a black marker mark on the bottom pages.

    Grab a rare copy of a favorite author!

    This book describes the making of attractive machine-knit garments and accessories and highlights particular techniques and stitches with which the machine knitter needs to become familiar.

    The chapters describe how to make such popular items as socks, hats, gloves, skirts, and sweaters. The history of each garment and the development of knitting methods for it are discussed briefly; then the reader learns the necessary stitch types and associated techniques, with the help of numerous line drawings and photographs. There are patterns for 14 garments in all, with full explanatory notes for each.

    Tuck stitch, lace knitting, "ethnic" and color knitting, and fiber art are given individual chapters. A section on the charting device covers all kinds of charters currently available. Original stitch patterns are included for machine knitters to use for themselves.

    The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, even by a beginner. Yet suggestions for alternative methods of finishing items as well as the historical context will interest dedicated machine knitters as well.

    • 113 black-and-white photographs
    • 92 line drawings
    • 6 color photographs
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  5. DVD Punch Card Knitting with Susan Guagliumi

    DVD Punch Card Knitting with Susan Guagliumi


    Basic Techniques illustrated so that a new machine knitter can learn machine knitting in a visual way. Learn More
  6. Press for Success

    Press for Success


    Press for Success: Secrets for Precise and Speedy Quiltmaking (The Joy of Quilting) by Myrna Giesbrecht Learn More
  7. Introduction to Machine Knitting
  8. My Thread Box Premium

    My Thread Box Premium


    My Thread Box Premium Learn More
  9. DesignaKnit Pro 7

    DesignaKnit Pro 7


    DesignaKnit Pro 7! If you are serious about your knitting, crochet, weaving or other craft using a gauge, this program is a must have! Learn More
  10. Claw Weight, set of two, for all knitting machines

    Claw Weight, set of two, for all knitting machines


    Pair of 4 ounce claw weights for machine knitting. Learn More
  11. Ravel cord replacement for Bond Sweater Machine, knitting machine

    Ravel cord replacement for Bond Sweater Machine, knitting machine

    Ravel cord for Bond machines. Can be used for any mid-gauge or bulky machine ravel cord. Learn More
  12. Cover & Patterns 11 &12

    Bond Ultimate Sweater machine Pattern Book (Original)


    Welcome to the wonderful world of fast and easy knitting! Now you will be able to make cozy afghans and colorful sweaters for yourself, your family and your friends whether or not you've ever hand knitted a stitch! We have written this pattern book to make your introduction to knitting fun as well as productive. These patterns assume you know nothing about hand or machine knitting or knitting patterns other than what you learned in the Instruction Book. NOTE: Booklet may show signs of shelf wear, but it is still NEW from dealer. CLICK to Learn More

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