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    My Thread Box Premium

    My Thread Box Premium


    (mailed CD sent to you) MyThreadBox is a revolutionary software package for anyone who sews - especially machine embroidery and machine cross-stitch users.

    It uses digital color value matching (Red-Green-Blue Color Strength Numbers) instead of 'conversion tables' to cross-reference any given thread color to 70+ different thread palettes. No longer are you stuck with the palette that came with your embroidery design - this software gives YOU the freedom to sew your design with ANY thread palette you choose including searching your collection for the best matches.

    Software will also match hand cross stitch floss to machine embroidery thread colors for those of you who want to machine cross stitch - Also matches all 1343 Pantone Process Solid colors (the graphics and print shop standard) to thread palettes for those of you who do commercial embroidery.

    Comes with lifetime upgrades as improvements are made. Color conversion information both to and from the following palettes (Over 21,000 colors):

    • ABC
    • Admelody
    • AE Signature
    • Anchor Floss
    • Angel Rayon
    • ARC (rayon, poly, metallic)
    • Aurifil (lana, mako, poly, rayon,royal)
    • Brildor
    • Brother (poly and country colors)
    • Coats and Clark (alcazar, alcazar jazz, home embroidery, sylko poly)
    • Colorful
    • DMC (floss, machine embroidery, rayon)
    • Echidna Poly
    • Embroidex
    • FatKat
    • Floriani Poly
    • FuFu (rayon, poly)
    • Gunold
    • Guterman (general sewing, rayon)
    • Hemingworth
    • Hilo/Iris (poly, rayon)
    • Isacord
    • Isafil
    • Isalon
    • Janome
    • JP Coats
    • Kingstar US (1000m, 5000m, metallic)
    • Madeira (burmilana, rayon, polyneon)
    • Marathon (poly, rayon)
    • MegaSheen
    • Mettler (silk finish, embroider, polysheen)
    • Pantone solid process colors
    • Peacock Rayon
    • PolyX
    • Princess
    • Radiant (poly, rayon)
    • Rapos
    • Robison-Anton (poly, rayon)
    • Royal (tajima)
    • Royal (coleman-SWF)
    • Salus (Ameth)
    • Spectrum Rayon
    • Sulky
    • Swist
    • ThreadArt
    • ThreaDelight
    • TriStar (rayon and poly)
    • UltimaPoly
    • Valdani
    • Vyapar
    • Wonderfil

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