Understanding our inventory

We keep limited stock, drop ship, and take special orders.

  • Knitting machines are usually both stock and drop ship to save you the most money.
  • Scrapbooking supplies, 1 - 2 week shipping from date of order. Gladly special order as our supplier has over 140,000 products.
  • Hard-to-find gadgets, tools, parts located
  • Custom pattern creation
  • Embroidery onto garments, custom work, by piece or group
  • Gift packages made to order, gift certificates available

Understanding our cart system

Our cart doesn't understand "pre-orders." Our cart only has 2 modes, in stock which means "available for order." Out of stock, not available for order.

In order to accept a back-ordered, but soon to be delivered item, the cart must see the item as "In Stock."

If an item is temporarily out of on-site inventory, but due to be delivered, we leave it in stock.

If in doubt, please email us for confirmation before ordering. It only take s moments for use to look up the delivery status.


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