Normally we process orders for next day shipment.

We are a great resource if you have questions.

We know and use all our products.

Call 215-598-7070 for orders and ordering questions


Our return policy is, "No refunds, no returns without prior written consent. No returns on software. Defective software is exchange only."

Telephoning and explaining the situation during our regular office hours is the best way we can work things out with you. We really try to make the customer happy. If we can't help you with the merchandise, below is our company policy for returns.

We fully warrant the machines, and fully follow the warranty terms. You do still need a RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER.

For authorized returns, there is a 15% restocking fee.

We have a no return policy on non-stock/special order items. Under the extraordinary condition that we are forced to accept a return on a non-stock/special order item, there is a restocking fee, solely at our discretion, that is as high as 40% restocking fee.

Return of merchandise for exchange (due to damage, defect, or any other reason) shall be at the buyer's expense for the seller's inspection prior to the exchange. Merchandise shall be properly packed to preserve the merchandise from damage (or further damage) in shipping. After seller's inspection of merchandise, exchange will be solely at the discretion of the seller. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of returned or exchanged merchandise.


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