Leg Warmers to knit, crochet, or machine knit.

Cara’s Leg Warmers Knitting Pattern for Everyone!

copyrighted by Cara L Bernhauser, my site is https://www.cara4webshopping.com

Leg warmers are actually like sleeves with ribbing on both ends.

NOTE: We don’t make leg warmers for sale, this is a pattern to knit your own.

. Read directions down this column. Your answers:
. Make a swatch of the pattern for leggings. (Could be fair isle, ribs, plain knitting, etc.)
A Put your stitch gauge here (stitches per inch). .
B Put your row gauge here (rows per inch). .
C Measure the ankle width (make sure heel will fit through). .
D Measure the calf (or the thigh) at the widest point. .
E Measure Length from ankle to top, for total length. .
F Now decide how much ribbing will be at each end. .
G Multiply the stitch gauge [A] times ankle width [C] for needles to cast-on. .
H Multiply the stitch gauge [A] times calf/thigh width [D] for needles to cast off. .
I Multiply ribbing length [F] times two (for both ends). Subtract the answer from the total length [E].

This is the patterning length.

J Subtract ankle width [C] from calf/thigh width [D] for number total increases. .
K Divide total increases [J] by 2, (we will increase at both sides at once), for the knitting increases. .
L Divide patterning length [I] by the knitting increases [K], for rows between increases. .
M Multiply ribbing length [F] times row gauge [B] for rows of ribbing. .
Knit bottom ribbing rows, [put M here]: .
Set up for patterning.
(+2 stitches, every _________ [put L here] rows, __________ times [put K here] )
Work in pattern, making increases (above), you should end up with total stitches: [put H here.] .
Knit patterning length. [put I here], for the total amount of rows: .
Knit top ribbing rows. [put M here]: .
Loosely bind off stitches. .

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