What To Consider When Choosing Shapewear For Love Handles

The women’s body with attractive curves is a unique work of art in this world. However, excess curves will begin to emerge around the hips and mid-waist over time.

Many people go crazy over them not only because these fat slabs make them look less charming but also more difficult to walk. Don’t stress as best shapewear for love handles can help!

This type of clothing is not like regular underwear. Thus, here are some useful tips to help you figure out whether this garment fits you. Scroll down!

Tips To Choose Suitable Shapewear For Love Handles

Determining your expectations before purchasing clothing items is one of the most necessary steps. Take a look at some of the following suggestions so that your shapewear and waist trainer are neither too tight nor too wide.


This clothing stuff has commonly come in a multitude of styles and materials. How to decide which will best suit your shape? Here are some helpful guidelines.

What Factors To Consider For The First Time Wearing Shapewear?

Before purchasing or ordering this item, take these considerations into account:

  1. Take Accurate Measurements

Don’t simply decide your body measurements by your everyday clothes. That’s because the sizes of this garment can be flexible, depending on the brands you select. So estimate the measurements of your waist, chest, and hips precisely.

It is advisable to use a fabric or vinyl measuring tape to determine most accurately your body sizes. Then place it flat on your skin or an extremely thin layer of clothing, such as light tanks or underwear.

Always keep the measuring tape level with the ground. The most accurate measurements of the bust and hips are ones taken from the fullest part. Meanwhile, the most standard measurement of the waist is the narrowest point.

Source: Pixabay

  1. Understand The Size Chart Precisely

Reading the size chart might be complicated at times. For instance, your waist measurement corresponds with that of your hips. In this situation, you should determine which part of your body you want to focus on most.

If you tend to purchase an all-body kind, it’s better to order a larger size for great comfort when wearing it. It also brings good results in flattening the slabs of fat.

  1. Put On Correctly

The right way to dress shapewear is to step in, not cover your head. When wearing, do not use excessive force to stretch it as you may destroy the fabric structure or even damage it.

Before putting it on, you need to loosen all zippers and clasps completely. Be patient and slowly pull it from bottom to top, smoothly following the curve of your figure. Then, fasten all the zippers and buckles carefully.

  1. Choose The Best Shapewear For Your Body Shape

Not all types will fit you because the frame ratios vary from person to person. Don’t stress when you can’t find the best suited. You can mix and match this item with other garments like best leggings for cellulite to contour every curve.

Otherwise, you can consider those that come with straps to adjust to fit your shape.

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What To Expect The First Time Wearing Shapewear?

Follow the above considerations, and here is what you expect when trying this clothing stuff:

  • The essence of this clothing is to form the shape, so you will feel quite tight and stiff.
  • You may sweat more than usual. If this is the point that makes you unhappy, choose the one designed with sweat-wicking fabric.

You may also experience some discomfort, as shown below:

  • You feel too uncomfortable or short of breath when wearing it, which means the size is too small and tight for you. Take it off right away!
  • If you are trying to squeeze yourself into pieces of fabric for more than a few minutes, this item definitely won’t suit your body ratio.

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Waist Trainers

If this is your first time wearing a trainer, these regards below will be helpful.

What Factors To Consider For The First Time?

  1. Take Accurate Measurements

Knowing clearly about your waist measurement is an important step before trying a trainer. The most accurate abdomen ratio is the narrowest part.

Use the vinyl or fabric measuring tape to take a measurement. Apply the same estimation as mentioned above.

Source: Pixabay

  1. Understand The Size Chart Precisely

Make sure you know how to read the size chart of garment brands correctly. When your ratio is between the dimensions in the chart, pick the larger-sized one. That’s because you can easily adjust the trainers for the most suited.

  1. Put On Correctly

It seems to be a little bit tricky for the first time wearing this clothing. The recommendation is to close the bottom hook and loop first and clasp them over the narrowest point of your abdomen. Gently and smoothly work the hook row up. Lastly, pull the item down over your belly when you finish.

  1. Choose The Best Shapewear For Your Body Shape

After an accurate body estimate, why do some trainers still not fit you? Your body shape determines it. For example, the trainers for petite women aren’t the same as those for tall ones.

In particular, women with small bones should go for a routine daily trainer with two lines of hook closures. On the other hand, tall women can feel comfortable in items with more coverage.

Source: Pxfuel

What To Expect The First Time Wearing Waist Trainer?

Here’s what you should encounter while using a trainer:

  • It may be tight when bending at your abdomen.
  • You will sweat more than usual. If you are not satisfied with this feature, you can fix it by choosing ones that absorb sweat.

Plus, there are some unexpectation for the first time trying trainer:

  • The trainer should be fit but not too pinching or sultry. If encountering this case, take it off!
  • Don’t try to stretch it because not all types have good elasticity.
  • Loose styling and designs can make your abdomen reduction ineffective. Consider buying another one that fits your figure.


This article has ultimately helped you to pick the best-suited shapewear for love handles. Follow these useful guidelines, and you will certainly find a shapewear or waist trainer suitable for your body shape.

Hopefully, this post works well for you. Don’t let excess fat get in the way of your favorite dress with our recommendations!

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